About Me

During May 2019 Tony left his former employment to develop his own version of therapies to change neurotransmitter activity and neuropeptide release to foster clients recovery following paralysis. By August 2019 he opened his office in the Marietta Square and began accepting clients.  Tony works with several elite practitioners using advanced bio-electric feedback relating to the nervous systems function and pain management. Tony is the former Activity Based Therapy (ABT) lead for Project Walk Atlanta, now NextStep Atlanta Paralysis Recovery. Tony has worked with paralysis since April 2008 in which he gained a worldview to the applications necessary to facilitate neurological recovery. He assisted the opening NextStep Atlanta in 2011, working with the owners to build the location, train, and hire new staff members, speak in Washington DC on ABT to politicians, advocate for disabled rights, and deliver excellent service to clients looking for recovery.

While serving 12 yrs on active duty in the Marines initially as a F/A- 18 engine mechanic, he earned a slot in the officer commissioning program, Marine Enlisted Commissioning and Education Program (MECEP). Accepted into the Aerospace Engineering program at the University of Arizona in Jun 1999 he came to a crossroad requiring a tough decision to be made; change his degree due to unforeseen reasons. He chose what he loved to do; a B.Sc. in Physical  Education. While in college to stay in shape during Spring 2000, Tony learned to coach boxing growing to train entry level professionals for fights which he did thru Fall 2011. Upon leaving the Marines in May 2007 he turned to personal training, martial arts, and teaching AHA CPR. During the final months serving on active duty he began post graduate education. Discharged from active duty  in May 2007, Tony finished earning his masters degree in August 2007 with California Univ of Pennsylvania which he turned his attention to more complex cases like Guillian-barre syndrome, amputees, lupus, back surgeries, and more which required more training to manage their fitness. By Sum 2011 he became a Project Walk certified spinal cord injury recovery specialist. In Jan 2015 he black belted in Taekwondo under Master Moore of the Smyrna Black Belt Academy. In Sept 2015 he began massage therapy school part time and April 2016 he began the first PhD in Health and Human Performance with Concordia Univ. Upon massage school graduation his incorporated massage into paralysis rehab at NextStep Atlanta and opened his mobile business which is now running. Although still in work on his first PhD after reaching the comprehensive exam and dissertation phase he started a second degree. The second is a Doctorate in Natural Medicine. This education will give him board certifications with the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners as well as the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. Tony has partnered with The Accomplished Brain owner, Andrew Amigo, to train in neuroscience methods to address brain related aspects affecting client outcomes. Tony is a certified energy medicine practitioner and understands our body's bio-electric capacity for function. Tony is a member of MBS Wellness group (www.nextgentens.com) led by Tommie Benefield, a team of laypeople and practitioners leading their family, friends, and others to health, healing, and hope with natural science and innovative technology. 

Tony knows how to find solutions to your aches and pains, help you to recover from injuries, and be proactive with up to date methods surrounding injury management. 

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